One day while browsing Hackaday I came across an article about building a projector our of an LCD panel and an overhead projector. I though for sure there had to be a better way of doing this. After some research I came across a DIY projector community called Lumenlab. Here I was able to find all kinds of great information about building projectors. Best of all the project is relatively easy. I have always wanted a projector, but could not afford the price of a decent projector let alone the cost to replace the bulbs, which burn out after 100-2000 hours. I was able to build a projector that could deliver a full HD picture and have a bulb life of 10,000-20,000 hours and to top it off you can buy these bulbs for around 60 bucks! My total cost came out to be somewhere around $550 for everything. I decided to go with Lumen labs for my parts, because they were actually very good prices. I would have had a hard time trying to beat those prices else where and most of the other members have been using it for some time.

My Screen size is about 120" of HD beauty. I can run my computer and my XBox and anything else I have lying around on here, so its not just for computers. My Projector has DVI, and VGA.

Resolution: 1024x 768 480i,480p, 720p and more if you use a bigger LCD.
Contrast: 500:1

The basics:

You can download the free version of the guide, but I would recommend the $20 forum access.
Guide with forum access (well worth the 20 dollars)
Lighting system 400Watt Metal Halide
Some lenses
Fans I used a 4" 120v fan
LCD panel CMD-20D DVI and VGA
a big screen

Nemo screen shot

The build